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ActStudio makes it possible to view, extract and export the data collected by the ActTrust actigraph, being ideal for medical clinics and researchers.
The software provides more relevant information about patients and facilitates the analysis of actigraphy. In addition to generating configurable medical reports that optimize the process.
Actigraphy can deliver fundamental data for studies of sleep medicine and circadian rhythm.


Our actigraphs are able to store up to 90 days of data so you can have a real analysis.

Light and Temperature

Our actigraphs are developed with light and temperature sensors.

Easy to Use

With just a few clicks you have your patient’s data analysis and report ready to print.

Sleep Diary

Use the new sleep diary application developed by Condor Instruments integrated to ActStudio.


No need to adapt by software. Use the operational system of your choice.

Complete Sleep Analysis

Circadian Rhythm Analysis

Custom Reports

With the intention of improving its clinical use, the software comes with an easy-to-use tool that allow users to make personalized reports with the selected analyzes.

Condor ActStudio