ActStudio is the ideal software to be used in medical clinics and by researchers to perform analyses of data collected with your ActTrust.

ActStudio is a software that not only allows you to configure multiple ActTrust devices but also allows you to extract, view and export collected data. On top of that, the program can do most of the data analysis used today and generate a configurable medical report for use in clinics.

ActStudio Software Sono
banco de dados


Through a simple database, using ActStudio simplifies the management of your collected data.



No need to adapt by software. Use the operational system of your choice.

Sleep Diary

Use the new sleep diary application developed by Condor Instruments integrated to ActStudio.

Easy to use

With just a few clicks you have your patient’s data analysis and report ready to print.

Complete sleep analysis

Ritmo Circadiano
  • Detection algorithm validated against Polysomnography

  • Sleep Latency

  • Sleep Efficiency

  • WASO

  • Number of Awakenings

Complete Rhythm analysis

ActStudio Programa Sono
  • Non-Parametric Analysis

  • Cosinor

  • Periodogram

  • Actogram

Relatórios Actrust

Obtain Custom Reports

With the intention of improving its clinical use, the software comes with an easy-to-use tool that allow users to make personalized reports with the selected analyzes.

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