About Condor Instruments

The Company

Condor Instruments is a national capital company which operates in the are of Research, Development and Industrialization of solutions to the sector of equipment and precision instrumentation, with special focus in the area of medical equipment.

The company was founded in 2013 and has its own team of engineers, developers and researchers who do not spare any effort to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our products. Its headquarters is located in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena in the city of São Paulo.


Quality is one of Condor's top priorities and for this we do not measure our efforts, even going beyond local norms and rules.

  • Extensive operating tests.
  • Quality check on all raw materials.


We apply the most modern methodologies and technologies in all of your products. With this we can ensure more complete products for all applications.


Currently, we count on products commercialized in 16 countries. Always guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Research and development

We believe that product development and clinical research are essential to our success. Moreover, because we see that our growth is directly linked to the development of the sector, we are always working in partnership with institutions around the world.

New products or enhanced products with the latest tecnologies and manufacturing processes, along with the development of new medical applications to our tecnologies is what motivates us.


Condor Instuments undertakes continuous efforts to gather and make available to our customers equipments with the latest technology and quality assurance that meet both the current needs of the sector and enable the expansion of the use of our equipment to other areas of application.


Be a reference company in the area of research equipment. We aim to always have a very close relationship with our customers and partners, making it possible to identify their present and future needs, in order to offer products that meet them, with the updating of our current products as well as with the development of new product lines.



Make precise measurements of activity, light and pulse temperature to enable objective analysis of activity, sleep and wake patterns.



ActDock is a simple, effective and elegant solution to charge and connect the ActTrust device to a computer through the USB port.



Software that not only allows you to configure multiple ActTrust devices but also allows you to extract, view and export collected data.