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Actigraphy is a non-invasive method that measures activity using an accelerometer. The data collected by the actigraph is used to estimate sleep and wakefulness patterns as well as several parameters related to the user’s circadian rhythm, all these calculations are done by a software, in the case of Condor Instruments, ActStudio.
From this information, it is possible to make numerous diagnoses in the areas of health such as cardiology, chronobiology, sleep disorders, chronic pain, neurology, pediatrics and psychiatry. Besides its use in the areas of medical research, clinical, biological, sports and fatigue.

With ActTrust it is possible to perform full-time monitoring of exposure to light, temperature and activity. And thus perform your reading and calculations through the ActStudio software. Where it is possible to obtain measurements and diagnoses of sleep latency, amount of time in bed (TIB), total sleep time (TST), sleep initiation latency (SL), number of awakenings (NWAK), time awake after starting the sleep episode (WASO), sleep efficiency (SE), non-parametric analysis, cosinor, periodogram and actogram.

Polysomnography is an examination that refers to simultaneous recording of physiological variables during a night’s sleep, such as: electroencephalogram (EEC), electrooculogram (EOG), electromyogram (EMG), electrocardiogram (ECG), airflow (nasal and oral), respiratory effort (thoracic and abdominal), other body movements (through EMG), blood gases (oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide concentration), among others. The actigrafo, in turn, performs measurements during a time interval (in days), in which the external factors governing our circadian rhythm can be objectively measured by means of light, temperature and activity measurement sensors that will then be read in a software, in the case of Condor Instruments, the ActStudio. Therefore, they are complementary methods of measurement and both of reliable results and diagnostics.

If the ActTrust battery is completely discharged, it should take 3 hours to fully charge. We do not recommend any minimum recharging time. The safest thing to do is to always recharge the device until it appears as charged in the ActStudio software.

An actigraph is usually composed of an accelerometer that detects and measures activity. The accelerometer is capable of measuring movement and together with a processor is able to calculate the level of movement at each interval and will store this data so that it can be read in a software. Many factors change according to the actigrafo in question, in the case of battery and storage, can be rechargeable or not, from different sampling periods and storage space. 

In the case of ActTrust, it consists of a 3-axis accelerometer, a handle temperature sensor and an ambient light sensor, in addition to the rechargeable battery. The information contained in ActTrust, through ActDock, is passed to a computer through the USB port and through the ActStudio software it is possible to perform analysis of the collected data, estimate sleep and wakefulness patterns as well as obtain several parameters related to the user’s circadian rhythm

The accelerometer is a device for kinematic analysis of movement, capable of measuring the accelerations caused and suffered by the human body.

ActTrust is water resistant to 1m deep, so it can be used during bathing and other daily tasks, but not for swimming or diving.

Recharge it completely and turn it off using the ActStudio software. If it is stored unused for long periods of time, we recommend recharging the battery every 3 months to ensure its durability.


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